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In the last 12 months, about 81,000 homes were placed on the MLS listings. Only 34,000 houses successfully sold during that time period, while the other 47,000 failed to sell. This means that the majority of homes listed - 6 out of 10, or 60% - did NOT sell.

You won’t be a part of that statistic when you have High Performance Real Estate to help you. If you’re asking yourself, "how can I sell my house in Charlotte?" pick up the phone and call us. We have a proven track record of selling homes as we dominate the four key metrics home sellers should be concerned about:

1. The Majority of Our Listings Sell

While the market average success rate for the last 12 months was only 41.6%, our real estate agents in Charlotte, NC sold 93.3% of our listings. Here at HPREA, we have developed a comprehensive home selling process that gives us an edge in this broken industry.

2. Sellers Make More Money Working with High Performance Real Estate

During the same 12-month period, High Performance Real Estate obtained the median original sales price for 96.7% of the homes we listed, as compared to the market average of 90.2%. In plain terms, this means we put more money in our sellers’ pockets - 6.5% more to be exact! This is because of our Maximum Value, No Hassle Listing System.

3. We Sell Homes Faster

The faster we sell your home, the less you have to worry about. The average listing sits on the market for 82 days. Homes listed by HPREA sold on average of just 42 days! We won’t sell your home for less than it’s worth just to get it off the market. We guarantee maximum value for your home, and we accomplish this in less time than most agents!

4. We Sell More Homes

On average, Charlotte real estate agents sell 6 to 8 homes per year. Can you imagine any other professional practicing their craft just 6 times per year - one time every other month!? Here at High Performance Real Estate, we’ve sold over 400 homes in the last 12 months. Due to our marketing approach and financial resources, we will consistently sell more homes than the average agent and put more money in our sellers’ pockets.

High Performance Real Estate Gets Your Home Sold

Increase your chances of successfully selling your home fast AND getting top dollar by hiring High Performance Real Estate. Our real estate agents in Charlotte, NC will use all of our resources, tools and marketing systems to bring in the right buyers who will pay maximum value for your home. Call us today at 704-444-0286 and we can discuss how to best market and sell your home!

Also, learn more about how our realtors in Charlotte, NC will Price Your Home for Maximum Value so you can get top dollar.

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