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Let Us Provide You with the Roadmap to Selling Your Home

High Performance Real Estate follows a 7 step process to ensure the best results for our clients. These 7 key drivers are essential for a successful home selling process. These key drivers allow HPREA’s realtors in Charlotte, NC to market your home for maximum exposure to bring in the most interested buyers. Once we have found a buyer, we will be to use the right negotiation tactics and strategies to successfully close the deal.

The 7 key drivers of our proven process are:

  1. Analyze: Understanding your needs and performing a comprehensive market analysis
  2. Prepare: Preparing your home for the market so that we attract the most qualified buyers
  3. Expose: Maximizing the exposure of your home to drive demand
  4. Attract: Using buyer attraction systems to get buyers to write offers on the home
  5. Cooperate: Cooperating with brokers from other firms to drive the most buyers possible
  6. Negotiate: Using advanced negotiation strategies and skills to get the most money for your home
  7. Execute: Dedicated team support - every professional at High Performance Real Estate is a critical part of the selling process

A Proven Process With A Proven Track Record of Success

High Performance Real Estate offers sellers one crucial thing that no other realtor in Charlotte, NC can: We have a proven home selling process that is the best in the real estate industry. We will sell more than 400 homes this year for more than $100 million dollars worth of real estate. Check out what HPREA can do for you to sell your home. Contact us at 704-444-0286 for a no-obligation consultation. We will determine your needs and discuss how we can help you sell your house for maximum value.

Also, don't forget to check out our Results page to see for yourself HPREA's proven track record of success. You will be amazed at how our proven home selling process sells homes faster, in less time, and with a better chance of success.

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